December 14, 1946

Bremerhaven Staging Area
14 December 1946

Dear Family –

Just time for a scrawl to give you some idea of when you’ll be seeing me. I’m just about setting up a record for this hot bed of confusion – arriving here yesterday morning and I’m scheduled to sail on the US Army Transport “General Pope” tomorrow!! The average stay here is a week, with some casuals delayed as much as several weeks. Two days is the irreduceable minimum in which everything can be done (particularly when you have a dog to process,) and I’ve been run ragged. It is a typical Army installation – no sane instructions as to what one does or how he does it, and no qualified assistance to help one do it. The buildings spread out over nearly a mile from Hqrs to the Dog Processing Bldg, and one literally is hiking most of the time – no particular fun for me for that bum gam of mine has been acting up rather badly of late. But all will be well tomorrow when I get on the ship. The Gen. Pope is supposed to be an 8 ½ day ship, so I am really hoping that I shall be with you by Christmas Eve – barring accidents or delaying storms. – Lots to write about, but it will have to wait now until I see you.

Love to you all –

Dad –