November 27, 1946

Office – 27 November 1946

Dear Family:

Thanksgiving to morrow! I’m glad you are going to be in on a good old fashioned family party, and know it will be a wonderful day for you all. I plan to eat my turkey dinner at noon at Truman Hall with Maja – following which she, poor wretch, has to report for work (2:30 to 9:30) for censorship of the German telephone calls never sleeps. She is Deputy Ass’t Censor, second in command of the electric section (telephone & telegraph) and her hours are horribly irregular – alternate weeks, 8:30-5:30 and 12:30 to 9:30, with alternate Sundays on duty – a pretty heavy schedule. After she goes back to work to-morrow I may go to a cocktail party to which I’ve been invited at Col. Robbins – or I may go home to start getting organized for the Stateside trek. It will be a real wrench to leave Maja – she’s a wonderful companion and friend.

Your letter, sweet, was fine and was gratefully received after a six weeks’ silence. Too bad Jeff had to go thru the tonsilectomy – but apparently it was of prime importance. I hope it will prevent repetition of the minor ailments he has been having. I certainly look forward eagerly to seeing those youngsters – as well as you two. As I say in my Circular Letter, I’m doing my best to be home for Christmas with you folks – to make up for the gathering we were cheated out of last year – but shall not know (or be able to let you know) until we dock at New York – unless I can radio you from the ship. So keep your ear to the phone along about that time – and I hope we won’t be disappointed. Then I’m due in Washington on the 28th and plan to stay on there for a while seeing my various friends and trying to locate a job. Subsequently, I’ll be back in New Jersey (I hope) for more of a visit with you and the Montclair relatives and friends. It will be grand to catch up with everybody. – By the way, having no Stateside address, I’m using 49 Curie Avenue. I hope you are not inconvenienced thereby, particularly with the boxes I’ll be mailing before I leave.

Your box of goodies was waiting for me when I returned from my vacation – as was also one from Heath, and by a strange coincidence they contained almost identically the same commodities, except that he sent anchovies, smoked salmon, etc., to match the delicious cheeses you included. They both come at just the right time, for Maja and I are planning a combined party (possibly the evening of Dec. 7) for our various friends and these will be prima for hors d’oeuvres. Most of her friends are British and Allied personnel. (Pause while I read a letter from Mel Scheidt which the sgt. in the mail room just brought in) Mel has bought a home a couple of miles beyond his old place – a larger house, 65 acre farm and all that goes with it, and they are still trying to adjust themselves to it. I have a cordial invitation to spend as much time as possible with them until I get my feet under me. But to return to the goodies – thanks a million for them, for the necktie (which I now have on) and for the swell cook book. The latter will help me more when I settle down in the States, for it is a bit too late to start educating Erika now – particularly with her lack of command of English (and mine of German) and her natural culinary ineptness.

I haven’t yet decided how to deal with the problem of Ahyaks. Some stories come to me of the lack of comfortably warm quarters supplied by the Army in transit. Maja, who became devoted to him while I was away, wants me to leave him with her until spring when transportation conditions would be more favorable, but I hate to be separated from him that long. If I send him home now he will not arrive until sometime after I do, and I’ll presume on you by shipping him to you. I can then relieve you of him very quickly – if you wish. Somehow, those who know him never want to relinquish him.

Gotta get back to work now. This afternoon I get my typhoid and typhus Boosters, and am hoping they don’t hit me as they did a year ago, – I can’t afford to be laid up right now. Love to you all and all hopes for an early reunion.


Dad –