July 22, 1946

Continued in the Office – 22 July.

At this point I took Ahyaks for a walk intending to get home early, finish this letter and get to bed early – but I stopped at Wally Dietz’ billet to see his baby Boxers and view the renovation of the house. That was the end of my good intentions. Lola Johnson was there, we surveyed the estate, one drink led to another – and Wally & Lola drove us home – stopping at my billet for one good night drink. Ho hum, the next day was to be Wally’s 30th birthday, so of course we had to see it in. John came home from his anniversary celebration feeling no pain and joined the party. Thus do good intentions go a-glimmering in Berlin – but I can’t say that I don’t enjoy it.

Jeff must be quite a lad these days and certainly brushing up against older playmates must be accelerating his maturity.

The difference in temperament between the two boys is similar to that between the Danielson youngsters. The pictures are fine and I’m delighted to have them, but I wish you two shrinking violets would pose your subjects so that more than the back of Mummy’s and Daddy’s heads show. I’m very much interested, strangely enough, in having pictures of the parents as well as the children!

So nice you could have had the visit with the Nancy Hartsuchs. Please give Nan my warmest regards when you see her next. I note that the first consignment of my requests has started on its European Tour and I’ll be overjoyed to receive it, and its successors when they arrive. I now owe John 4 cartons of blue stamp cigarettes which I borrowed to permit the purchase of a pair of Busch binoculars, 12x, which would cost about $120 or more in the States. Now I want to get a reflex camera. I’m torn between the relative merits of a Rolleiflex (2 lens reflex) with between the lens shutter and an Exacta (single lens with focal plane shutter). I wouldn’t snoot either one of them. But I must have cigarettes to get it for such things just aren’t for sale for money.

And now back to work. Lots of love and all best wishes.


Dad –