July 21, 1946

Bachstelzenweg 11, Dahlem, Berlin, Germany.
21 July 1946.

Dear Family:

Not so much to write about this week, particularly as the most inconsequential circular letter accompanying this strikes a more personal note than most of them. To-day has been one of those completely unpredictable bits of weather, although, in fact, anything you wished to predict would have been true – lacking only snow and hail. That, combined with a slightly upset stomach, has been responsible for my spending a very lazy day – all I can show for it is two rolls of film developed, a bit of reading done, a few letters and a walk with Ahyaks – the latter still in the future. This is John’s twentieth wedding anniversary, and Phil Hawkins had one a few days ago. They invited me to accompany them to Harnack Haus for a bottle of champagne in celebration this evening, but I am hardly in the mood for it. My weeks are sufficiently energetic to cause me to cherish the opportunity to just slump on Sundays.

Thanks to my unexpected tour as Duty Officer yesterday afternoon I reached my cocktail party date just two hours late, but from 7 to 9 I had a grand time, the crowd being mainly my crowd and the cocktails and hors d’oeuvres being excellent. At nine Harold and I accompanied George to his billet for a late dinner. We sat around in the later evening, we three and Edith Pieper, and after both George and Harold had dropped off to sleep I decided that it was time the latter and I said adieux and struck for home. (It was amusing, – at the cocktail party Col. Duke characterized himself just as I did in the attachment, as a bantam rooster. I was tempted to tell him that he took the words right out of my typewriter.)

I broke out last evening in full civilian attire, lacking only the G.I. shirt, and wearing one of John’s ties. (By the way, where are the ties you said you were sending me?) It seemed good, and created a mild and favorable sensation in the crowd. The dark brown gabardine, which was received a soggy mess of mildew, has come through a washing by Elsa at In der Halde 7 and a mending and pressing by Erika, and really looks as well as it did before its sad experience. Which pleases me greatly for I lack middle weight clothing in the trunk which Edith Vadney is bringing with her. Incidentally, I’ve been looking for some time for a package from you folks with some of the things I’ve asked for at various times and shall certainly welcome any or all of it when and if it arrives. (see next page)

Your letter of 7 July was as welcome as always, and I was particularly delighted to get so much description of the physical and mental development of the two boys.

[letter continues tomorrow]