July 9, 1946 (Misplaced Letter)

Office, 0845 9 July 46.

Dear Family: –

I found this letter, all sealed in its envelope, this morning when I was searching for something else on my bedroom table. Many excuses for not having been more prompt in sending it off. But it permits me to make some added comments. Thanks for the package of envelope stickers and the Kodachrome transparencies.* They are both most welcome. You have made no particular remarks about the pictures. They show you the style of buildings in which we work – and they show you quite well what my Ahyaks and Frau Pieper look like. Did you show them to the Montclair families and did Uncle Von put them through his projector? I sometimes have to do a lot of reading between the lines of the infrequent letters I get from you these days.

Last weekend was a most active one. Col. Duke’s party was a grand success – held in the sumptious former home of Walther Funk. I didn’t stay to the end – I got home at 5:30 Sunday morning. Dick’s party was also delightful – following which Harold & I met Peg at the train – and came back to their home to an 11:00 PM dinner (the Vadneys present) and another party which got me to bed about 1:30. I’ve been resting up since.

Time to get to work. Love and best wishes


*They came through in 6 days, first class mail!