June 24, 1946

In a rush – office 24 June 46

Dear Rog –

Much thanks for your letter of the 17th with attachments from the Frau and Fräulein. I’ll answer it later.

The enclosed is just a copy of the run-o’-mine weekly official report of OMGUS to the War Department. Nothing particularly significant about it but it may interest you as evidencing something of the scope of activity of our outfit and the problems which are routine with us.

It occurs to me that you might save yourself trouble by having Willoughby box and ship the photographic materials to me, rather than doing it yourself. It should come by parcel post. I’m keen to get the stuff as soon as possible so I can dig into the photo processing. Then, when the spirit moves you later, I could use a continuing supply of the expendable materials, – film, paper and chemicals. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Love to all

Dad –

(Willoughby may need my letter requesting the stuff in order to get the Post Office to accept the consignment)