June 20, 1946

Office, Berlin, Germany
20 June 1946

Dear Family:

I’ve just turned over to my German steno my report and recommendations on handling rotation of personnel between offices of Military Government in Germany and will use this breathing spell for a brief visit with you good folks, prompted too by my wish to thank you, Jeff, Dick, Blanche & Adah, for your Father’s (and Grandfather’s) Day remembrances. Golly, I didn’t even realize that such a day had rolled around – we are so far removed from so much that is SOP back in the homeland. And thanks particularly, Blanche, for your sweet remark that every day is Father’s Day for you. I appreciate that fact as well as your mention of it.

I hope that your birthday went happily, sweet, and that you got my various comments, etc. regarding it on time. What an old, old lady you are getting to be and how old it makes me feel to have a dotter just two years from thirty! —— And then one of the young things over here, your age or younger, comes up to me and invites me to dance with her (and seems to enjoy it) – and I feel a bit younger again.

Rog, I’ve just made arrangements with Sam Cox, one of the staff of “Heute”, fortnightly illustrated publication, in German, of OMG Bavaria, to put you on the mailing list, both for your own interest and because of your connection with “Life”. It circulates among Americans, Allies and Germans and has a paid circulation of about 350,000. I think you’ll enjoy it, and it will give you some indication of one phase of the work we are doing in this occupational zone. If it doesn’t start coming soon let me know and I’ll needle Sam.

Nothing much of interest since my letter of last Sunday. Our new Personnel Officer, Col. James Duke (ex B. G.), has arrived and next Sunday George takes him on a two weeks introductory tour through the Laender prior to his picking up the reins here. That will keep George’s mind busy until Edith and the three children arrive (about July 10 or 12). Gosh, he’s as jittery these days as a June bride, awaiting their arrival.

(George just dropped in to discuss civilian promotion policy. I read him the preceding paragraph. He grinned and said, “You’re damned right”)

The weather remains cool (55° to 62° every morning) with too much rain for comfort. But it’s preferable to sizzling, insofar as this chicken is concerned.

Love to you all – and please drop me a line when you can.

Affectionately       Dad.