June 13, 1946

Office – 13 June ‘46
Berlin, Germany –

Dear Rog:

Here’s a pretty good orientation booklet for the new Americans – military and civilian – who come over to help clean up this mess. In view of your Army responsibilities you will probably be particularly interested. Despite the frothier stuff in my letters home the philosophy and realistic approach outlined herein is constantly governing our thinking with regard to relationships and reactions. I think that it might be well for both radical wings of Americans – the softies and the violent anti-German bloc – would profit by reading it and taking it to heart.

We have all – over here – built up a peculiar mental armament. Superficially international acquaintances approach the state of friendship – but always, basically, we have to keep our fingers crossed – accept what is told us without believing, to always assay all remarks of Germans for double meaning or hidden purpose. I sometimes wonder whether I shall ever completely shed that cautious scepticism with which I receive remarks and which carefully weighs everything before I disclose my own hand. It’s an armor one acquires very quickly in this country.

Back to work. I hope that your nerve tension has been dissipated and that you are again back in the midst of “Life’s” turmoil.