June 13, 1946

Office, Berlin, Germany, 13 June 46.

Dear Rog:

Communication #2 for to-day routed in your direction.

A boon, young sir, I crave your assistance. My new 2 ¼ x 3 ¼ Voigtländer Bessa camera has a lens too large to permit the use of either filters, sun shade or adapter ring which I now have. In order to get good pictures I must have filters. Sooooo-

Will you please, as soon as possible without too great inconvenience, go to Willoughby’s, 32nd St, south side between 6th and 7th Avenues, Gothamtown, and purchase for me the following and ship it to me in such manner as will preserve its character – “aber schnell” as we Krauts say:

1 adapter ring for lens ring of 37.25 mm. diameter.

1 lens sunshade for same

1 K-2 Wratten filter “ “

1 G         “             “    “ “

Also 35 mm film as previously requested in quantity up to

½ doz – Panatomic X

½   “    – Super XX

½   “   – Daylight Kodachrome.

Also a dozen or more 120 film – either Pan X, Super X or Super XX (all we can get here is ortho film, no panchromatic at all)

How is my credit account with Garrison, Garrison, Garrison and Garrison, Commission Merchants, standing up? If it’s running low I’d like to make another contribution to the kitty. And what’s the chance of getting the Angostura bitters as requested? I’m crazy to mix some of our prime Old Fashioneds & get away from straight likker for a while.

Es tut mir leid that I must bother you with these requests – but the supply mart in Berlin jest ain’t, in such commodities as these.

Oh, one more thing at Willoughby’s – a sheet of celluloid of proper red to use in fashioning a dark room lantern for enlarging. It should be, well let’s say, 8” square.

It’s been raining steadily to-day, a good farmer’s rain, and we have needed it, but it doesn’t make walking particularly enjoyable. Still cool enough here for two Army blankets at night and most days too chilly for sun bathing. I hope New York & Clifton are not oppressively hot.

Love to you all from me and Ah-yacks –


(You don’t need to use my AGO number in addressing envelopes to me.)