June 12, 1946

Office – Berlin, 12 June 46

Dear Little Sweetheart:

I must take a moment in the midst of a very busy day to get a special birthday note off to you. It should have gone yesterday morning but the day was a hectic whirl from start to finish and there were no corners into which I could tuck any spare jobs. So if this is late blame both me and the Air Mail Service. Ajax is sitting beside me looking up in a thoroughly quizzical manner and I know he adds his sentiments to mine. Incidentally, he comes to work with me very frequently, attends conferences, guards the front door of Harnackhaus while I’m at lunch and has become a prime favorite of all who know him, from General Adcock, Assistant Deputy Military Governor, down. His manners are irreproachable, always quiet, patient and dignified (except when I rough it up with him at home) and all who know him covet him.

But this is a birthday note after all. I hope you have received the little table spread from Switzerland which I sent to you, air mail, last week. I really bought you something better, a sorta Morocco leather handbag from Spain, but I haven’t yet solved the problem of properly packing it. However, one of these days it will be arriving. Anyway gifts are just visual evidence of the love and remembrance which prompts them, and those you have from me in abundance. May the next 28 years bring you happiness, wisdom and maternal success in every one of your endeavors, with the health necessary to consummate them. And for at least the first half of those 28 years may we see more of each other than we have during the past four and three quarters.

There’s a fierce thunderstorm in progress outside and I’m hoping that it will clear in the next two hours, as John Watson and I are having a dinner party at the billet these evening – celebrating his birthday, which was yesterday. I’m having George Vadney and Neil Blackford as my guests. Neil (L. Neilson) is a swell girl, middle thirties and very high class in breeding and intelligence. She is Personnel Officer of the Internal Affairs and Communications Division, OMGUS. Menu; cocktails, soup, creamed turkey on toast, vegetables, salad from our own garden, and elderberry puffs, with vanilla sauce, followed by Benedictine and coffee. Good? Gosh, that rain looks businesslike – and in 1 ¾ hours we leave(!)

Here’s to a happy birthday and the best of everything.



Golly, three hailstones the size of peas just bounced from the window sill on to my desk. Nize weather!