May 10, 1946

Personnel Office, 10 May ’46

Dear Sweet:

The day after to-morrow is Muttertag and I’m afraid this will arrive too late for that. But I didn’t get it with that in mind – just as a reminder that you have an old Dad here in Berlin who is thinking of you. This scarf, supposed to be pure silk, is a French product which I picked up at the PX Gift Shop. I hope you like it and that you’ll use it on occasion to build up your bonny brown hair.

No word from you folks since you left Massachusetts – understandable when one realizes all you have on your mind and hands these days. But hope springs eternal and each day when the mail comes in I look eagerly for the familiar blue envelope addressed in your hand writing.

The enclosed political dodgers are part of the democratizing of Germany. They are from Greater Hesse in the U.S. Zone.

Best love to you all

Dad –