April 22, 1946

In the Office, Berlin, Germany
22 April 1946

Dear Family:

This is not a letter. – just a postscript to the letter which I dropped in the mail box about five minutes ago – for there is one important thing I neglected to mention. If you send me any photographic film please send it in a package all by itself and label it clearly on the package “Photographic film”. The reason is that they X-ray all packages not so defined in order to censor for contraband material; obviously this is not good for sensitized film. I understand that the labeling protects it.

—High noon, & I’m just out of a 2¾ hour staff meeting. I won’t hold this up any longer. A bit rainy this morning after our lovely Easter Sunday but that’s all essential to nature’s scheme of things. Leaving Wed. evening for a few days in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. Hope we get pleasant weather.

‘Bye now – and love –