April 15, 1946

Note: I looked up the address in Clifton where they later moved, and I think it must have been torn down. There is a freeway going right through the block.

Office, before settling down to work
Berlin, Germany – 15 April 1946

Dear Little Sweetheart:

Happy Easter to you all! And I hope you get this for Easter, for the check is to cover the cost of some Easter flowers, but I’m afraid you won’t, for you are probably in Clifton come the day when this note ends its long trek. If it can fulfill its Easter mission I should like it, or part thereof, to go for a corsage, in the manner of previous years, unless your hubby has already thus decorated your left shoulder. But, if it is late, spend it any way you may wish that would bring you a measure of happiness.

We’ve just had a lovely weekend after a threatening Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon I wrote letters & bathed (our water is gas heated & they turn on the gas at 7:30 AM and shut it down at 9:00 PM, so we bathe when the opportunity appears). Then to Harnack Haus to meet Jen and the gang. Your old Dad had an exclusive on five gals for the first half hour around the cocktail table but was generous enough to share several of them as added fellows appeared. Then dinner and the usual Saturday evening dance – large orchestra, floor show ‘never’then’. I had some swell dancing – mainly with Jenny and Bea Gwinn (half Welsh & half Jewish, a swell kid – much like Skipper Rivers). In the wee sma’ hours Harold & I took Jen home for the night. Up at 10 o’clock (Summer Time, the change having occurred that night while we slept). Harold had rushed off early for 8:30 Palm Sunday Mass, so George, Jen & I loafed through a good breakfast, then continued our loaf, with conversation until time to hit Harnack Haus for dinner. In the afternoon we three took a good walk through a portion of Grunewald Forest, the edge of which abuts our Dahlem billet area, and well up into the British Section. Harold was spending his afternoon being perpetuated in charcoal & Conté crayon by a German artist, so when we returned from our walk the four of us pitched in and scratched up a Sunday night supper, mainly tuna on toast, baked beans and tea. It’s nice having a gal around the billets and Jen is entirely popular with George and Harold so I anticipate having her over frequently for the week end. She is in a rather cheerless single room so it helps to humanize her Sunday. – Took her home in the evening & was in bed by eleven. – A quiet but enjoyable weekend.

By the way, did you ever receive the check I sent Dick & the accompanying one to cover expense of my requirements you may be asked to meet? – You may have mentioned them in a letter in transit – if so, neglect this question.

I’ve been interrupted frequently in getting this written, so have lost to-day’s airmail out, and it will probably be delayed. I presume you are moving this week but I’m not sure. Also I haven’t your new address with me in the office – so the letter goes to Winchester. Best love to you all.

Dad –