April 1, 1946

In der Bedroom-
In der Halde 7, Berlin, Germany
April Fool’s Day 1946.

Dear Kids:

A busy – and very enjoyable weekend prevented me from getting off the customary letter, and this Monday evening, instead of tuning in on the usual radio programs as in the dim, distant Washington past, George, Harold and I went to the weekly concert of the Berliner Philharmonic ches Orchestra – program enclosed. It was excellent, and I’ll try to touch on it in my next circular letter, so won’t duplicate the effort here. As the concerts start at 6:30 we had only time to snatch some stray eats at the Snack Bar in the Compound on business time. And when we got back to Harnack Haus the dining room was closed. So we attacked the snack bar there and hopped the “Ah Boos” (A Bus) for home. Now we are in pajamas and bath robes, busily writing home.

No new letter from you this week, but your letter #3, written January 20 and mailed to the phoney APO caught up with me and I’m hoping that 1 and 2 will arrive in the not too distant future. #3 straightens out several things in my mind – Jeff’s illness, the sale of the Plymouth, “Lucy’s” progress, etc. I was also much interested in your furniture purchases – sound like a good start on stocking the Garrison home in Clifton. I’ll be interested in subsequent reports when you really settle down to home making. . Don’t try to do too much all at once, or you won’t be able to properly enjoy it after you have it.

The weekend went thus: Saturday afternoon home for chores, – shining shoes, bath and other homely duties before heading for Harnack Haus for cocktails and dinner. One of the girls in our regular gang, – Lola Johnson, had a birthday, so after a gala dinner party, with about 16 of us at a long table in the big dining room, a birthday cake, and all of the fixin’s, we all headed for Wally Dietz’ billet for the subsequent evening party. Poor Wally, he spent his whole evening in bed, for he had been hit particularly hard by a wave of “flux,” from which many of us, myself included, have been experiencing unpleasantness for the past couple of weeks. But Wally was just completely miserable. So Bea Gwin, Lola’s billetmate took over, and a swell time was had by everyone but the host. I took (or was teamed up with) Jen Christiansen, billetmate of Edie Laurendine. At about 2 AM I saw her home – and, as Edie is now in the hospital getting treatment for a bad back, I spent the balance of the night in her bed, playing turn-about with her, for she occupied my downy couch while I was on my trip through the Laender, and after she had been on a party with George and Harold.

Up at 7:30 Sunday morning – one of the most gorgeous mornings I’ve ever seen – and routed Jen out to get her to come to breakfast and take a walk. We ate breakfast at Hittorf, (officers’ mess #2) and struck off, a mile and three quarters, for 7 In der Halde, arriving (as planned) while the other fellows were at breakfast – in which we joined them.

We loafed thru the morning then trampled to Harnack Haus for dinner. The boys were going to the opera (Hansel & Gretel) so Jen and I bussed to Wannsee. The day was glorious and we strolled around until I ran into a buddy, Lt. Col. Bill Wooley, one of our Personnel men and a swell guy, who was with his steady, Eve somebody. We managed to persuade the harbor master, a Lieut. friend of Bill’s, to take the four of us out for an hour’s ride on the lake in one of the big army launchers they have here – a delightfully exhilarating experience. After more strolling Jen & I headed back to H. H. for cognac, dancing and the usually delicious buffet supper. Took her home early – we were tired and headed back to my little bed for one of the best sleeps I’ve had in a long time. — I forgot to mention that George, Tommy (Lt. Thomas), and I spent several hours Sat. afternoon on an auto jaunt in our Personnel Office car – a big Mercedes-Bentz – which included exploring the roads and shores of Wannsee, and strolling in the boat yards. All in all, it was by far the swellest weekend yet.

And now I’ve used up my time and three sheets of paper over one weekend. But I must to bed – I’ll not hold this but will try to supplement it later in the week.

Loads of love to you all –