March 25, 1946

Office, Berlin, Germany –
before 9 AM. 25 March 1946

Dear Little Sweetheart:

One of the loveliest early spring mornings God ever gave us – but already it’s beginning to cloud over. All of the aviators are in the air, getting in their flying time in one of those rare intervals of perfect flying weather.

This is not a letter, but just a postscript to the one of last evening, ‘cause I forgot something – a boon I would ask of you. If it is convenient will you please have printed and sent to me 500 of those little stickers you use in the upper left hand corner of envelopes, with my name and address on them. It will be much neater & simpler to use this method of recording return address. You can dip into the check for $50 to reimburse you for the expense.

And that’s all for the moment. I hope everything’s going smoothly and favorably in the RHG family and that the two boys continue to develop lustily after their “dedication”. But I s’pose it really won’t have any bad effect on them.

Lots of love.



(Omit my AGO number from
the sticker address.)

I’m enclosing a typical Harnack Haus Menu)