March 4, 1946

Note: Richard is my uncle, my dad’s brother, who finally arrived on the scene!

Berlin, Germany – 4 March ‘46

Dear Little Sweetheart –

Just a word before settling down to work. Your letter of Feb. 18 was brought to be on March 2, 12 days after posting, – somewhat slower transmission than I’m beginning to expect. You mention a cable to me – it has never arrived, the only one received was the announcement of Richard’s arrival. Thank Heaven that came through so promptly. I’m sorry that the cost of the wire was wasted, for I understand you pay more for them than we do. The two I sent you averaged about $2.25 a piece, cheap enough at twice the price. With regard to mail, you and Burt are my only regular correspondents – I get something from him oftener than once a week and your swell weeklies, once the dam burst, have been coming through regularly. I’ve heard a couple of times from Uncle Warren and once from Aunt Elsie, but that’s about all from the States – not a word from Scheidts, Danielsons or Clamor Court.

It’s fine that Rog can dig into the subject of visual education – I know how that interests him. – I’ve a solution re: Jeff’s “gween puppy”. – Get him an Irish terrier. Short of that I guess you’ll have to use Paas’ Easter egg dyes on a white base. – Weather here has been quite wintry here, tho not very cold, with little snow squalls coming with great frequency. Apparently we have gotten off very lightly in view of the stories I hear of the past few weeks on the North Atlantic seaboard so I have no complaints to offer.

My sad plaint about mail is already an exploded bubble. I’m now writing three hours later and in that time I’ve received your package of goodies – (which I shall not open until I get home this evening. Thanks a million – I’ll go into more detailed rhapsodies in a later edition), and three long and newsy letters, one each from Burt, Prue Scheidt and Jinny vonSchmid. The sun again shines and I have friends again.

Also, since this letter was started, Heath Onthank, who returned from the Riviera yesterday much improved in mind and body, has proposed that Wally (Maj.) Dietz and I start right off on a week’s trip through the U.S. Zone, stopping at Kassel, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and any other places we may feel we should. We have authority to requisition a heated sedan and driver for the whole trip, – de luxe travel in Germany, let me assure you. We want to get underway to-morrow but may not be able to get our chariot until Thursday. It looks like a grand trip, though one of intensive work, and I’m all keen about it.

And this is about all I have time for now. Had a pleasant tea yesterday at the Baron’s. Still looking forward to hearing the details of the valuable accretion to the Garrison family.

Lots of love to you all,