February 12, 1946

Note: It is obvious that they did not know the sex of the baby before my uncle was due. Also, my grandfather, Roger Garrison, was a writer, and published several books, including How a Writer Works, The Adventures of Learning in College, and A Guide to Creative Writing, among others. It’s possible several others went unpublished. He also worked at Life Magazine, as referenced below.

Berlin, Germany – Lincoln’s Birthday

Dear Kids:

Here’s Circular Blurb #2. I wonder whether #1 reached its several addresses safely & promptly. Your letter #4, sweet, is the only one I’ve had from you yet (written 1/27). I presume the first three went to the phony APO. If I get them it will probably be some time next summer. But what I’m really waiting for is news of Secundus’ arrival. Two weeks now since she was due! You probably got my cable of last week, sent before your letter came on Feb. 8, – not too slow, incidentally.

I’m thrilled by the news about “Lucy”. How about the “One Grand” prize if the first synopsis was acceptable? I hope you get it, and that soon for I know it will help you wonderfully. I’d love to read a copy of what you’ve written, Rog, if you could spare it for a month or so. And I’ll be mighty interested to hear how the job with “Life” is going, as well as the reception accorded “Billy Bong” by Houghton, Mifflin. The best of luck to you.

Awfully sorry to get the intimation of Jeff’s past illness. I presume details of it are in letter #3. But I’m glad to know he has snapped out of it, whatever it may have been. I’m almost completely over my indisposition – the one day in bed seems to have cleaned me up pretty successfully.

Letters from Burt & Uncle Warren and one from Cece Hightower who has been moved from Persia to Italy. Gosh, but mail looks good when one is this far from home. – We’ve been having almost continuously unpleasant weather – not so cold but rain practically every day – “…can spring be far behind?” – Lots of love & best wishes to the senior Garrisons.

Dad –